Easily make Brain Hive part of next year's Budget Planning!

There are still a few weeks left before the summer school bell rings — but there's no better time than now to start budget planning for eReading next fall! Check out some easy tips for making affordable, risk-free Brain Hive® eBooks part of your budget for the upcoming year.

Did you know that…

  • Two or more eBooks circulate every day at the average school library? (Source: School Library Journal 2012 eBook Usage Report)?

  • Nearly half of students aged 6 to 17 say they would read more books for fun if they had greater access to eBooks? (Source: Scholastic, Kids and Family Reading Report, 4th edition, 2013)?

  • eBooks support the digital literacy goals of the Common Core State Standards?

Make sure that Brain Hive continues to support your school's eReading needs next school year. Brain Hive provides easy reports and clear data to show the impact of eReading at your school. You can compare checkouts-to-date with your budget, see the most popular eBooks at your school and measure pages read and time spent reading. This is information you can use to share eBook successes with teachers, your principal and administrators, and keep reading growing at your school.

So as you plan your library budget, please remember to include Brain Hive! At only $1 per eBook checkout, it's the most affordable option for adding thousands of on-demand eBooks to your library collection — without an expensive subscription or the risk of purchasing eBooks that don't circulate. Some planning tips:

  • Go with the averages. Plan on two eBooks per school day, or about $360 Brain Hive Bucks per year. Or, plan based on your school enrollment with approximately two eBooks per student.

  • Set a budget that's comfortable. Brain Hive offers simple and flexible budgeting, so you will never spend more than you plan, and you can adjust your budget at any time.

  • Tell parents about Brain Hive! Now is the perfect time to remind them and your PTA about eReading success, and that their contribution will help expand eBooks at your school.  

Questions about eBooks planning? Need help accessing your metrics? Give us a buzz at 855.554.HIVE and we'll walk through the easy process together!