Track eReading success. Know more with Brain Hive's Clear, Easy Reporting!

You already know that Brain Hive® gives your school an easy, economical way to let readers explore thousands of eBooks. But did you know you also have easy access to a variety of detailed reports about how well digital reading is catching on at your school?

Brain Hive™ is all about simplicity: for you, for students and for teachers. But we've taken this ease-of-use one step further, with a variety of easy reporting capabilities that show exactly how well eBooks are working at your school. This is powerful data that you can use to your advantage during budget planning!

Reports about eBook reading begin the moment you log on to your administrator home page. At a glance, you can compare checkouts-to-date with your budget. See the most popular eBooks at your school. And identify which of those you should consider purchasing for your permanent collection. And that's just the beginning. Click the Reporting tab to quickly create a host of useful reports that you can save as a PDF or CSV file and share with others. This reporting lets you:

  • Monitor overall eBook usage — circulation, most popular genres, total eBook reading time school-wide.

  • Review activity for an individual eBook — number of pages/time spent reading, average user rating, total cost of title to date. 
  • See which titles are previewed but not checked out.

  • Track digital reading history for any student — great stuff for supporting classroom assignments, reading contests and book clubs.

  • Much more!

We designed Brain Hive reporting with easy wizards so that you can do it yourself, but we are always happy to help out. Just call 855.554.HIVE and we'll take a quick tour of your reporting capabilities together!