A Swarm of Brain Hive Features to Sweeten Your Experience!

Hear that buzz coming from the Hive? That's the sound of us making honey — and we've got a lot of sweet stuff coming your way! We are thrilled to tell you about many cool new features we've added to both our Administrator site and eReader. Here are just some of the highlights.

eReader Enhancements

  • Students can quickly create, save and export citations for reports and assignments, and teachers can use the citation tool to improve students' critical thinking, research and information literacy skills. Simply highlight the text, select APA, MLA or Chicago style, and click "Cite This!"

  • Students can export notes saved in My Bookbag — also very useful for research projects and assignments.

  • With our new One-Click Dictionary, readers can click on any word to see the kid-safe definition from Merriam-Webster.

Administrator Enhancements

  • Single sign-on! No more extra usernames and passwords to manage! You can now integrate Brain Hive with your other school applications, add a Brain Hive app icon to your school's computers, click and go! (This may require support from your IT department.)

  • You can now assign different eBook settings for each grade level, including how many eBooks a student in each grade can check out for a specific time period (one eBook per month for first-graders but three eBooks per month for fifth-graders, for example). You can also manage consecutive checkout privileges and lending periods by grade level.

  • You can also vary student profile settings by grade level, such as allowing password resets, sharing with friends, ratings and favorites for older students but not the younger ones.

  • Click on the new Refer-a-Friend button from your Administrator home page to recommend Brain Hive to another school. You'll earn free Brain Hive Bucks™ for your school when a friend signs up!

We're also pleased to tell you that we'll start next school year with up to 1,000 new eBook titles from our notable publishing partners! You'll have access to more than 5,000 eBooks available on demand for your students and teachers to support independent reading, book clubs, interactive white board lessons, assignments, research projects and your Common Core lessons!

Finally, don't forget that most Brain Hive eBooks are also available from our publishers for purchase on an unlimited, simultaneous-use basis — perfect for classroom libraries and grade-wide reading assignments.

We are truly grateful for your support, and we thank you for choosing Brain Hive. If there's anything our busy bees can do to help start your eReading off with a bang this fall, please give us a buzz at 855-554-HIVE or send an email to