Spread the Love of Reading

As a member, you’ve discovered for yourself all that Brain Hive® has to offer. So why not refer a friend? There are plenty of reasons to spread the buzz and help your colleagues enhance learning by redefining reading at their school:

  • Budgets are tight, so how can they add more eBooks and spend less? Brain Hive’s on-demand model lets them choose from thousands of high-quality titles for just $1 per eBook.

  • How do they make sure they’re spending money on the books kids want? Brain Hive is risk-free — you only pay for the books that get clicked out.

  • How will they know it’s working? Brain Hive has built-in metrics to track who’s reading, what they’re reading and how much, for a proven return on investment for every single dollar spent.

  • How can they get more kids reading? When kids checkout the books they love and read just 15 minutes a day, they’re exposed to more than a million words of text a year. Brain Hive offers popular fiction and non-fiction titles for every reading level and interest, making it a perfect platform for supporting independent reading.

The more friends you help discover Brain Hive, the more the rewards you could earn for your school. Simply log into your account, click on “Refer a Friend” and you could earn $5 in Brain Hive Bucks for your first four referrals and $20 for your fifth referral — that’s up to 40 FREE checkouts for your school!

Our Busy Bee Concierge is standing by to help you spread the love and redefine reading for you and your colleagues. Call 855-554-HIVE or email today.