Haven’t completed the steps to launch Brain Hive? Let your Personal Concierge do them for you!

You made a great choice by signing up for this amazing eBooks program — now with more titles, features and functionality than ever. There is no better time than the first day of this school year to launch Brain Hive®.

But we get it — this is a crazy time for you, and you have umpteen other things to do

What if we made it easier for you? Meet your personal Brain Hive Worker Bee!
This Worker Bee will personally see to it that your school has access to our amazing eBook collection, now 5,000+ titles strong! They’ll personally buzz through these steps for you:

  • POLLINATE (Set a budget.) We recommend $1 per student per year, but you can set any budget you want. Whether you want to give your entire school access or start out with a classroom or grade level, you have total budgetary freedom to go either way!

  • COLONIZE (Add users.) We’ve made it easy to add users to your Brain Hive account, but uploading CSV files still takes time. How about letting your concierge take it off your plate?

  • SWARM (Get people reading eBooks!) We’ve put together a Launch Kit to help you create buzz for Brain Hive at your school, but if you need a hand with anything, please — put us to work!

Your Worker Bee can also help with:

  • MARC records integration. Your concierge will work to make all 5,000+ Brain Hive eBooks an integrated part of your existing library book collection, so that students and teachers can search for, find and access Brain Hive titles in the same manner as the rest of your library books.

You’re so close to having eBooks at your school. Contact your Worker Bee now to go the rest of the way! Call 855-554-HIVE or email